Scotty McCreery, a bonafide country star and former winner of 'American Idol,' taking home the crown during Season 10 in 2011, visited the PopCrush compound and gamely agreed to participate in a round of Pop the Question with us.

The singer, who is releasing his new album 'See You Tonight,' tomorrow (Oct. 15), is a baseball player, so we figured he'd have terrific aim and that those balloons wouldn't stand a chance. And they didn't!

During the sesh, McCreery revealed which rumor keeps following him, involving his demise and water.

He also shared details of his first smooch, which took place when he was "young Scotty"; why he hates people leaving dirty dishes in the sink; and most importantly, he showed us his go-to dance move, which involved his hands and covering his face. It was super silly and cute.

The former "American Idol' singer also shared details about the time he met The Boss. Yes, we're talking about Bruce Springsteen.

Find out more fun facts about Scotty McCreery by watching this PTQ sesh!