It's amazing the success pop / hip-hop duo Timeflies have garnered remixing hits by Kesha, Taylor Swift and even 'The Little Mermaid' for their weekly 'Timeflies Tuesdays' YouTube segments. But producer Rob "Rez" Resnick and singer / rapper Cal Shapiro were always ones to experiment -- especially when it came to freestyle and covers.

They started writing and producing beats in Rez' basement while enrolled at Tufts and would try out their "joke tracks" when they DJed at parties -- "we would slip them in and see if people were still dancing," Cal admitted. Now, they are riding off the success of their most recent EP 'One Night' (which peaked at No. 2 on the overall iTunes chart, No. 1 on the iTunes Pop chart) and currently touring the country. In-between their sold-out gigs at Manhattan's Terminal 5 (a 3,000 person venue), the duo visited our office and played a little game of Pop the Question.

For those of you unfamiliar with the activity, we make our guests throw darts at balloons stuffed with embarrassing questions. Both Cal and Rez' aim didn't start off great, but after a couple throws they were on a roll, and ready to take on a slew of awkward and hilarious inquiries. They talked about their first kisses in elementary school, but reveal no last names (hey, these guys are classy) and were eager to show off their go-to dance when asked, which consisted of some dips and leg kicks.

They also dished on some producers they'd love to collaborate with (Rez mentioned Kaskade, Porter Robinson and Skrillex; Cal added Diplo) and who they would love to bring on stage with them to perform cover songs. (There were obvious ones like Taylor Swift and more surprising artists like Bob Dylan.)

Cal also got into story telling and revealed he was once attacked by some alcohol-induced fans stage left, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what happened!

Additionally, Cal and Rez talked a bit about the inspiration behind 'One Night,' which ironically came to them after they removed themselves from N.Y.C. and the very nights that influenced their EP. “We went to upstate New York and just started there," Cal explained. "And realizing from the things we were missing back in New York, the partying with of our friends and stuff, to just having a night off from everything to every different scenario, we kind of just started running through and putting together this concept around 'If you had ‘One Night’ to really do anything, what are those nights?'"

At the end we played a little improv game, much like some of their 'Timeflies Tuesday' sessions where Cal has to freestyle using specific key words. Between Rez' beatboxing and Cal's freestyling, we'd say these boys have talent! Check out their Pop the Question interview above.