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Meet Gia, the new teen dream ready to shake up the pop scene.

Although she's still years away from being legally able to step foot into a bar, Gia's already developed a moody, mature sound well beyond her young years, recalling the melancholy breathiness of BROODS, BANKS and fellow alt-pop anti-diva, Lorde.

Months ago, the singer released her debut single "Only A Girl," a moody, finger-snapping ode to girl-on-girl love that would have Katy Perry positively blushing in her cherry chapstick. "Only a girl knows how a girl feels / Only a girl can make me feel this way / It's getting better, nothing like two girls sticking together," she coos.

What's still to come, however, is even more exciting.

The above video teaser, directed by Angelo Kritikos with creative direction by Jesse Saint John (Brooke Candy, Kerli), provides another intriguing taste of what Gia's been cooking up, as she enlists her bad girl gang to serve up a kind of post-apocalyptic Spring Breakers rebel aesthetic in the midnight hour, all set to the banging sound of her song, "Warrior."

Want to hear more from Gia? Good. Tonight, we're premiering a new Teal Douville-produced song off of Gia's upcoming EP called "Trainwreck Hearts," exclusively on our nightly radio show, PopCrush Nights. Want to tune in to hear it? Find the radio station near you — "Trainwreck Hearts" will play around the 9 PM mark (no matter which time zone you're in!) during the show.

Gia's debut EP is coming soon — and from the sound of things so far, it'll be well worth the wait.

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