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Behold, the mighty, consistent star-making power of YouTube.

Hannah Trigwell was a self-taught singer and guitarist performing on the streets of her hometown of Leeds as a teenager when she launched her YouTube channel.

Fast forward nearly 50 million views later, and Trigwell became a Certifiable Internet Sensation by the end of the '00s.

Following the release of her debut EP Hold My Heart in 2010, a run on the road with Boyce Avenue and a string of successful covers racking up millions more views over the past few years released under 3 Peace Records, tourmates Boyce Avenue's record label, Hannah's arrived this year with an original composition: "Another Beautiful Mistake."

And if the song is any indication, she won't just be singing other people's songs for long.

"'Another Beautiful Mistake' was written around the theme of a bad break-up - specifically the feeling of bitterness when you remain in love with someone who broke your heart," Hannah tells PopCrush. "'You're gonna watch me...' refers to being revengeful and wanting this person to see the next 'mistake' you make."

"I'm half-cut, going out of my mind / But you know what? I kinda like it," she croons on the melancholy guitar-led track; her voice chillingly detached as she bitterly bids adieu to her former flame.

Got dumped unexpectedly, or maybe you caught your ex find a new love real quick on your Facebook feed? This is your essential autumn goodbye.

For more on Hannah, check her out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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