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Hudson Thames is trouble. Don't believe us? Just ask Uber.

The multi-talented, LA-based singing-songwriting-acting Republic Records signee just happens to have a, um, certain reputation with the car service after showing up to hitch a ride one too many times in his boxers...and/or fishnet stockings. A little bit of a party boy? Perhaps, yes.

That said, he's using his social skills to produce some killer tunes, including a duet than none other than self-love advocate Hailee Steinfeld. In the middle of promoting her storming debut "Love Myself," the actress-turned-singer's hopped on Hudson's fun, funky back-and-forth, "How I Want Ya."

With a Mississippi-bred, blues playing father, Hudson's got some soul in his blood — with a Cali twist. “The Southern blues foundation is a big part of what I do, but I grew up an L.A. skate punk,” he says. “I try to bring those two things together. I like to think of my music as surf and soul.”

Check out his song with Hailee, "How I Want Ya," below — and make sure to tune in to PopCrush Nights to hear it playing around 9 PM.

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