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Turn down the lights? When it comes to Morgxn, go ahead and keep the bulbs burning.

Having grown up in Nashville singing alongside his mother and performing in a gospel choir before heading to New York City for a stint in the theater world after college, the burgeoning singer-songwriter began honing his craft as an artist between LA and NYC over the past year — all leading to this very moment: "Love You With The Lights On," his sensual debut.

The track, which debuted on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show at the beginning of June, is a sultry bid for honest, unfiltered romance that slips in nicely somewhere between the shadowy R&B and moody, melodic pop sound of Broods, Zayn, Troye Sivan and The Weeknd.

"What if we saw each other with the light on? Some eternal/internal flame that seared through the heart of it all and exposed who we really are - fierce, loving, beating hearts," Morgxn says of the song, which he cites as the moment the universe "opened up" for him.

“Everything I wrote afterwards was silently anchored by this one moment."

Along with the original version, remixer supreme Monsieur Adi provided his own touch on the track, giving the track some added thump — and even a bit of Eastern flair.

If the already promising tune leaves you yearning for more, you're in luck: Morgxn's about to make good on that desire with an upcoming EP and an album due out later this year on his own record label.

Just don't burn through that electricity bill.

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