Every week at PopCrush, we’re putting the spotlight on one up-and-coming act you need to know about. Why? So you can get on board early before everyone else and their mother jumps on the bandwagon…and so you can be that one friend in the group who’s always like, “Um, actually, I prefer their earlier work.”

For you, a night spent sipping whiskey and spilling tears might lead to a pronounced hangover. For Bess Rogers and Lelia Broussard, it amounted to the production of "Let You Go," a breakup demo that helped to eventually bind them with Hannah Winkler and Zach Jones as Secret Someones.

The four-piece, comprised of previously solo singer-songwriters, seeks to infuse mainstream radio with their brand of anthemic rock featuring seamless harmonies and a bit of '90s pop-timism. They cite Kimbra, Tom Petty and Talking Heads as influences (Ingrid Michaelson once referred to them as "Weezer, only with boobies"), but we'd be lying if we said we didn't see a bit of The Coors peeking through their arrangements.

And "Let You Go," a single from Secret Someones' brand new eponymous album, grooves so beautifully it'll have you convinced getting dumped is a dream. "But we've drifted apart and it feels so far from where we used to be / Ooh, trapped inside a memory," the group croons over an uplifting bass line and buzzy, fluttering keyboard effects.

This type of push and pull—a mix of suffering and sparkle—is exactly what you'll see from Secret Someones on their forthcoming tour, which will kick off with Marianas Trench tomorrow (October 28) in Boston.

"It's pretty lovely to think that we've all supported each other through hard times and channeled it into our collective art," they told PopCrush. "We love playing these songs together on stage—feeding off each others' energy and the energy of a different audience every night. Our set gets pretty loud and rowdy, and we love to get the crowd dancing, clapping and singing along!"

See if they'll stop by a city near you, and look below for a chance to win a guitar signed by the group!

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