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Indie pop-rock duo The Score may have initially based themselves in New York City, but their sound is decidedly Californian: With upbeat percussion, warm vocals and catchy melodies, there’s little of the frigid East Coast lingering in their sound.

It makes sense -- after amassing a small following in New York, members Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover made the decision to pack up and move to Los Angeles.

“Everything was just going on in L.A.,” says Edan. “We knew we had to go there.”

Their cross-country trek turned out to be the right move for The Score: Shortly upon arriving in Los Angeles, the duo wrote “Oh My Love,” an anthemic, infectious pop song boosted by a pervasive percussive beat (courtesy of hand-clapping and foot-stomping galore) and rousing, soulful vocals.

The track became an instant success in the UK after supermarket retailer ASDA reached out to use “Oh My Love” in an ad placement. Since then, it’s gone on to see over 1.8 million SoundCloud streams and quickly nabbed the No. 2 spot of most Shazam’d song in the UK.

“I was in traffic on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles," Eddie said of the creative process behind the track. "The melody popped into my head, and I immediately sang it to Edan. We found one chord for it to chill on with the rhythmic drums.”

The pair have since released a four-song EP called Where Do You Run, and it's every bit as optimistic and bright as the duo's attitude.

"We put so much into this,” Eddie said. “We’d love for people to connect with the music and hopefully feel better.”

Listen to "Oh My Love" above— and be sure to check out The Score's full EP over on Apple Music.

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