Lady Gaga and the Pope aka Benedict XVI are going head to head… again! This time, the social media realm, not issues of faith and politics, is the battlefield.

Gaga has taken the Pope to task before over his views on gay marriage. Now, the two may square off in the social media realm. The Pope just joined Twitter, with his @pontifex handle. He is bound to gain followers at a rapid clip, but will it be enough to push Gaga off her lofty Twitter throne?

Hmm, it's too early to tell. Statisticians indicate that the Pontiff could gain Twitter followers quickly. But he won't eclipse Lady Gaga anytime soon. That is, unless he rallies the troops. But he's probably too busy dealing with bigger issues, like, you know, running the Catholic church, than counting his Twitter followers.

Right now, Ma Monster has 32 million followers, although it has been reported that more than half of the accounts are fake, inactive or bot-created.

Anything is possible, though, especially when you have an army of faithful behind you. At least that what The Telegraph is suggesting. If the Pontiff really decides to use the messaging service to communicate with his Catholic contingent, he could rack up plenty of followers. But it might not be enough to dethrone Gaga. The paper did comparisons of other leaders of the different faiths, like the Dalai Lama, who doesn't have as big of a Twitter following as you might think. Celebrities like Ryan Seacrest are more followed. Shocking, right? It says a lot about our culture and its social media habits.

You know what we take away from this "study" of sorts? That pop stars are more popular on Twitter than religious leaders! Gaga's domination of Twitter will likely remain as it is.

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