In a world of Justin Biebers and Taylor Swifts, how will a young pop six-piece fit in? PopLyfe insists they'll find a way, and we're inclined to believe them after their Jackson 5 tribute performance on Tuesday's 'America's Got Talent.'

With only a handful of shows left on the calendar, the competition is getting fierce. That's why the under-18 pop group waltzed onto the stage with a loaded weapon: A blend of Jackson 5 famous tracks like 'I'll Be There' and 'The Love You Save,' spun into a more modern, upbeat delivery. They even altered their costuming to mimic that of the famous child group, though they danced across the stage (carrying instruments) in a new kind of way.

Piers Morgan loved their "interesting interpretation" of the classics, and went as far as to tell the Oakland, Calif. natives that they fit the show's mold. He said, "What we're looking for is an act that can go out, entertain and inspire -- you are a great pop act."

Despite accidentally elbowing the big red X, Sharon Osbourne echoed his sentiments. She said simply that she "loved it," adding that "There's such a place for you in the industry right now, there's nothing like you out there and I know I'm going to see you next week."

Rather than speaking to PopLyfe directly, judge Howie Mandel told NBC viewers, "Everybody in America, you are idiots if you don't start voting and put these people through."

As for why they decided to tackle classic Jackson? PopLyfe told 'America's Got Talent,' "We wanted to be different," stressing that they believe "you can bring back the feeling of feel-good music." We tend to agree.

Watch PopLyfe Perform Jackson 5 Tribute on 'America's Got Talent'