Poplyfe called performing with Stevie Wonder the highlight of their time on NBC's 'America's Got Talent.' The group sang Wonder's 'Higher Ground' in front of the studio audience, and soon after learned they were the first of four finalists eliminated from the competition.

"He is the reason we all started doing what we love to do," frontwoman Kehlani Parrish said before walking on stage. The band wore their usual flashy neon pink and yellow outfits while Wonder wore a much more modest toffee colored jacket with charcoal slacks. His fingers worked magic over the keyboard slung across his chest. The judges, audience and band truly enjoyed seeing the legend.

The pairing was a perfect matchup as Poplyfe look the part of a Motown pop band from Wonder's younger years (Jackson 5 maybe?). At times Parrish was caught just admiring her hero, especially as he got the crowd to answer back "Higher Ground" towards the end. Host Nick Cannon asked Wonder if he thought Poplyfe had a future to which the singer enthusiastically answered "They got it, I'm feeling it. I feel it's like Poplyfe and Team Wonder."