Madonna is back in the studio working on an upcoming studio album — her first release since 2008's 'Hard Candy' — and we're already pretty confident that the Queen of Pop is going to slay with whatever she releases. We were doubly convinced after hearing that she was working with brilliant songsmiths like Sia and William Orbit, the latter of whom produced her fantastic 1998 LP 'Ray of Light.'

But the first auditory proof of Madonna's continued excellence emerged today, with two possible demos for the upcoming Madonna LP leaking online — both of which were produced by the Messengers, the Canadian duo responsible for killer tracks by Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and JoJo. If these songs are any indication of what's to come on Madge's new LP, consider us excited!

The first, 'Love Is on Fire,' is a glacial dance-pop track with a big, hook-driven chorus and pounding synths. The demo vocalist does a perfectly serviceable job on the track, but we think Madonna's higher register would really bring it to life.

The second song, 'Dirty Liar,' is slinkier and sultrier, but still very radio-friendly, with tightly rhyming lyrics ("You're crying on the floor / I'm stepping out the door / We've been through this before / And I don't want it anymore") and a chorus that's delivered spoken-word-style.

Here's hoping these make the cut for the upcoming release. Not only do we love them, but it's great to see Queen Madge back in the game!

Listen to the 'Love Is on Fire' Demo

Listen to the 'Dirty Liar' Demo