Yikes! We already knew there's a lot of pressure when attending an awards show, but to do so when pregnant makes things just a little more complicated. Keira Knightley reportedly learned this at the 2015 Golden Globes.

According to Us Weekly, with just minutes to go before the show began, the actress was suddenly struck with the urge to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, the line for the restroom at Los Angeles' Beverly Hilton Hotel during the annual event is known for being very, very long.

Luckily, the actresses in line were kind enough to let the mother-to-be jump ahead of them. Us reports that Keira rushed into a stall, saying, "I'm sorry, excuse me, pregnant lady coming through!"

Apparently Keira wasn't the only star wary of the very long line to the facilities. Anna Faris reportedly joked about the wait, saying, "Oh, the ladies room. I wanted to wear a catheter for this show!"

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