In case you've been living under a rock—or without access to cable or internet, at least—Kanye West announced his bid to run for the presidency in 2020 back in August during the MTV Video Music Awards. Yesterday morning, during the Democratic National Committee fundraiser event in San Francisco—headlined by West, no less—President Obama weighed in on the highly-publicized announcement, even offering the performer some... uniquely presidential advice.

“You may have heard that Kanye is thinking about running for speaker of the House,” Obama told the crowd, adding, “It couldn’t get any stranger. In case Kanye is serious about this whole POTUS thing—or, as he calls it, ‘Peezy’—I do have advice for him. First of all, you’ve got to deal with strange characters who behave as if they are on a reality TV show, so you’ve got to be cool with that.”

Yet, simply a reference to West's wife Kim Kardashian, who was spotted in the crowd, and her much-televised family wasn't enough for our pop culture-hip POTUS, who continued, “Second important tip: Saying you have a beautiful dark twisted fantasy, that’s what’s known as off message in politics. You can’t say something like that. People have lost congressional seats that way!”

Obama finished his words of wisdom with a reference to his and West's shared stomping grounds, Chicago's south side: “And number three: Do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of Chicago with a funny name to be president of the United States? That’s crazy. Cray!”

Hmmm, something tells us it's not too cray cray of a notion, Mr. President!

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