After his rendition of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' sparked a viral sensation (and triggered a healthy spike in sales for the Reverend Green), it was only natural that other artists would invite President Obama to take the mic for more vocal performances. When blues legend Buddy Guy challenged the Commander-in-Chief to join the band during a recent concert at the White House, he proved once again that he was up to the task.

Before kicking off a performance of 'Sweet Home Chicago,' Guy recalled hearing Obama sing 'Let's Stay Together' and threw down the gauntlet, telling the President, "You gotta keep it up." After being personally handed the microphone by Mick Jagger, Obama dutifully led the band through the first few lines of the song.

"Come on, baby don't you want to go / Come on, baby don't you want to go," sang the President in tribute to the city where he started his political career. He quickly handed the mic off to B.B. King, who took the first verse up to the chorus, where Obama stepped back up to deliver the title lyrics. Not that Illinois was ever really in doubt for Obama in 2012, but this performance pretty much seals the deal, wouldn't you say?

Watch President Obama Sing 'Sweet Home Chicago'