'Pretty Little Liars' is back with its winter premiere!

Now that the liars know that a certain someone is alive, they begin to tackle another mystery: Who is buried in their friend's grave?

The girls are struggling to deal with the fact that their deceased friend Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is actually alive and in hiding. Could she be A? Who is she so terrified of that she can't return to Rosewood? Does anyone else know she's alive?

With all this in mind, the girls begin to wonder whose body was found under the gazebo, the one wrongly mistaken as Ali's. And if there was a body found, that means someone put it there on purpose to convince the world that Ali was in fact dead.

To put this theory to the test, Hanna (Ashley Benson) locates a missing girl named Sara Harvey who is roughly the size of Ali, blonde, lives in the same area and disappeared around the same time as Ali on Labor Day. In an effort to find out information, she contacts the missing girl's friends.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) talks to Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) and finds that Jason (Drew Van Acker) is currently out of town. Possibly missing. Or you know, possibly busy acting on 'Devious Maids.'

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) tries to locate him because she's worried -- he is her half brother -- about going to her father, and in turn Jason's (Nolan North), to request his help. In return she must promise him to stay away from Mrs. DiLaurentis.

The liars get a surprise when Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) returns from his spin-off program 'Ravenswood' to visit with Hanna and whisper sweet nothings about how much he missed her.

Unfortunately, he can't really explain what's happening to him in the other town, and this puts a strain on things. Especially when Caleb tells her he needs to return to Ravenswood. Hanna seems to think this has something to do with Miranda (Nicole Anderson), the girl she left him behind to protect. An upset Caleb leaves because he can't pull her into the secrets of Ravenswood. Because ghosts. A crying and single Caleb is last seen driving back to Ravenswood. Sorry, Haleb fans.

Once a date is set for coffee, Emily and Hanna meet with Sara's friends and learn that Sara was last seen the day after Labor Day -- meaning she couldn't be the body in Ali's coffin.

Hanna arrives home to find that Mrs. DiLaurentis has hired her mother (Laura Leighton), who has been having trouble finding a job since being wrongly accused of murder. When Hanna asks why she made the decision, Mrs. D. says that Ali told her to do it. In her dreams.

Meanwhile, Toby (Keegan Allen) is still trying to figure out the mystery of his dead mother and finds that the Radley mental institution is owned by a mysterious corporation named Declodyne, who appear to have been paying off Radey's former employees to keep Toby's mother's staged suicide a secret.

Toby and Spencer head to Declodyne and hint that they will leak information about how the company is paying their former workers to keep quiet about their more sinister practices. Unless, that is, the company admits that Toby's mother did not commit suicide -- a challenge which they win.

According to Spencer's father, with the paperwork they gained from their threat they have enough cause to get Radley shut down. For good. So why does he want to get involved? Is it just because Spencer spent time there? Or is something else at play here?

As if he wasn't sinister enough, Ezra (Ian Harding) gives a lecture to his English class about 'Jekyll & Hyde,' the story of a man with a monstrous side he keeps hidden from society. Ezra keeps Aria (Lucy Hale) alone after class and apologizes to her for pushing her away. He suggests that after they both leave Rosewood High they might be able to make a go of their relationship again.

Perhaps making his guilt more incriminating, (remember, he may be A), Ezra has a very veiled conversation with Mona (Janel Parrish) about how she's looking for a mentor. During their conversation she heavily intimates that she knows his secret, and isn't it interesting how all his reading material is about wearing masks? At which point he vaguely threatens her, ruining all hopes of a team up.

This makes it even creepier when Aria calls him out of the blue asking for a ride and Ezra takes her to a secluded location where he works, which conveniently has no internet or cell service. This will most likely be important later. Ezra suggests they keep the cabin a secret between just them (also important!), and even though she is dating someone else, she and Ezra share a passionate kiss.

Later on in the evening, Aria looks pensively out the window while Ezra keeps apprehensively looking at a door hidden in the floorboards -- a door which a mysterious hooded figure will open at the end of the episode.

Back in the mausoleum the following day, Hanna reveals to the girls that she has a diary of Ali's that she took from the lair in Ravenswood. She hid it because of the information it contained about them all. Unfortunately, in true 'Liars' fashion, the scene cuts away before we can find out what it says.

Tune in next week to maybe find out what's hidden under that trapdoor, and possibly what is written in Ali's diary. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. See you then!