Here at PopCrush, we obsess over all things pop just as much as our readers do. Every week, you’ll be able to get to know us a little bit better as we gush about our personal favorite pop culture-related things at this very moment. Read on to find out what our editors are crushing on this week!

  • The Return of 'Pretty Little Liars'

    After a long, cold winter I couldn't be more excited to welcome back my guilty pleasure: 'Pretty Little Liars.' It's been way too long since I watched Aria and co. in their quest to take down A. Say what you want about the show's crazy plot lines (OK, some of them are a little dramatic), but I can't wait to see the Liars' out-of-this-world fashion, hear Hanna's amazing one-liners and, of course, watch Mona throw down some serious sass. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Jacquie Lee's Cover of Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts'

    It's a brave move to take on a Beyonce song, but Jacquie Lee's rendition of 'Pretty Hurts' is just as emotional as the original. Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, 'The Voice' runner-up managed to turn a conference room into an arena as she belted out the powerful track. You need to watch this. Now. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Pole-Dancing Clarinetist Covering Jason Derulo's 'Wiggle'

    If the headline alone isn't enough to make you laugh, then don't judge me for basically falling out of my seat the first time I watched this insane cover. The video starts out fairly normal -- well, normal enough if you're twerking on the ground in your underwear to Jason Derulo's 'Wiggle' -- but immediately thrusts into sheer ridiculousness at about four seconds in, when suddenly there is a man slowly twirling himself around a stripper pole in mid-air, trumpeting the sweet sounds of 'Wiggle' on the clarinet. There are no words. - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • Harry Styles' Video Message for Newlywed Fan

    If there were ever a reason for me to run from my own wedding, it would be because Harry Styles asked me to. The One Direction singer recorded a hilarious message for fan Tash Gershfield, requesting the newlywed leave her groom at their wedding ceremony and meet the curly-haired Brit at a local bakery so they could presumably ride off into the sunset together. Showing a well of restraint that I lack completely, the bride remained at the wedding even after the video was played. Still, Harry added a special touch to the Gershfield wedding that Tash likely won’t soon forget. - Mandi Salerno, Associate Editor

  • 5 Second of Summer's Cover of 'American Idiot'

    5 Seconds of Summer have an ongoing joke between themselves and their fans about how they desperately want to be considered a punk-rock band. (The punch line is that they currently lean way pop.) Despite the recurring “Are we punk rock yet?” quip, the Australian band has recently proven that they actually do have a little punk in them. Their new cover of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ is just plain awesome, and definitely lends to their punk credibility. Ashton kills it on the drums, and Michael, Calum and Luke’s heavy guitar riffs are undoubtedly nailing the punk-rock feel. 5SOS have performed a lot of sweet covers in the past (like Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ and the Romantics’ classic ‘What I Like About You’), but ‘American Idiot’ tops the list as my favorite. -Mandi Salerno, Associate Editor

  • Dave Coulier's Upcoming Wedding

    I love 'Full House' and any and all 'Full House' reunions, but that's not the reason I'm super psyched for Dave Coulier's upcoming wedding. Let's be real here: I'm crazy jealous of the week-long celebration leading up to his wedding, which will take place in Montana and include all of my favorite things -- like hiking, a pig roast, a day on the river, a rodeo night, and a grand-slam Fourth of July celebration. Cut. It. Out. - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

    Michael Buckner, Getty Images