The wait for the season six trailer for Pretty Little Liars is finally over, and it's just as terrifying as we expected it to be.

Pretty Little Liars is the Energizer Bunny of television shows. It just keeps on going, no matter how ridiculous, how insane or how little sense things seem to make. It keeps on truckin and we keep on watching. It's probably the most addictive, darkest show written with teenage girls in mind that is currently on the air and no matter how infuriating, confusing or inane its plot points get, we keep watching. We just can't quit it, we're not sure we know how.

So imagine our absolute glee when the season six trailer was released earlier today (May 1). We watched the trailer twice, once with sound and once without. We'll start off with our visual observations first. Lucy Hale aka Aria has short hair with pinks streaks, we're obsessed. Scratch that -- everyone's hair is on-point, because even when the girls are kidnapped and entrapped in a makeshift doll-house prison, someone is on the scene to ensure perfectly disheveled waves and smoked-out eyes. Moving on: "He's going to kill us" is etched into wood, okay. Everyone is terrified -- makes sense.

To be totally honest, even with the sound on the trailer isn't as revelatory as one may hope. But the show has never really been about the payoff or the explanation. It's about the increasingly creepy twists and turns and the walking Urban Outfitters catalog we see before us.

Season six of Pretty Little Liars debuts on June 2, but in the meantime you can check out the trailer in the video above!

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