As you've probably learned by now, the previously deceased Alison DiLaurentis is returning to 'Pretty Little Liars' -- or at least someone who looks exactly like her will. We're kind of thinking this whole thing is too good to be true.

When Ali returns to Rosewood, she will bring about several love triangles for our Liars, but will she also bring the true identity of the nefarious 'A'?

Continue below for the spoiler-filled answers.

Being away for so long has apparently not limited the drama that comes with being a friend of Ali.

According to writer and executive producer Marlene King, Ali will bring with her not one, but multiple love triangles.

As she explained to Alloy, "Now that Alison’s returning, there’s a couple love triangles that could be swirling out there, and fans have been really pushing us to consider this love triangle between Ali, Paige, and Emily, so that’s something we’re thinking about."

After all, just the idea of the return of Ali caused a breakup between the two, so why wouldn't her actual return cement the entire thing? As 'PLL' writer Joseph Dougherty previously revealed, this will be "the most interesting triangle of the season."

However, King said that Ali will be part of a "couple" love triangles, and we're thinking that a Hanna/Caleb/Alison triangle could also be on the horizon -- especially since writers have been teasing about a possible Alison/Caleb kiss.

King also teased that there will be a big reveal in episode 100, but that reveal will sadly not be the identity of 'A.' She teased that the "very big mystery ... will ask more questions, of course, but you will get closer to a mystery that PLLs have been talking about for one or two seasons."

'Pretty Little Liars' returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10, at 8PM ET for Season 5. Huzzah!