Based off of 'Pretty Little Liars' actress Troian Bellisario's Instagram account, Spencer will be a social butterfly during Season 5's fourth episode.

Who will she be spending her time with?

According to Troian herself, her time will be devoted to family and friends.

First up, the Hastings parents, who Troian jokes maybe aren't quite so nice underneath it all.

In a split screen photo she captioned, "The Hastings. (Or what lies beneath)" the parents and their daughter are all sugar and spice on the surface, but a little nastier when in their true form.

Nice Patrick Bateman impression, Mr. Hastings!

So what nefarious deeds will be unearthed about them this season? Couldn't be any worse than being the secret father of your next door neighbor, could it?

Also returning to the fold is Spencer's decathalon buddy Andrew Campbell, who Troian is getting awfully close with in this photo.

No worries though Toby enthusiasts, as Troian teased, "#spoby fans. Don't be jealous. @brandonwjones is back and I'm loving it."

Although we can't say we trust how Spencer behaves when he's around.

And last but not least, it looks like Spencer and Aria will be sharing some scenes in which they'll both be sporting animal print.

Troian captioned the snap, "... Between @lucyhale and I we have leopard, giraffes, lions, cobras and rattlers. #safaria in full effect."

Lucy Hale also shared the photo, jokingly captioning it, "Forget's all about Safaria today. "

'PLL' will return with its Season 5 premiere on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET on ABC Family.