On the upcoming episode (Feb. 11) of 'Pretty Little Liars' entitled 'Shadow Play' (4x19), Spencer's mind turns the world of Rosewood into a 1940s noir-themed extravaganza.

So what do the newly released sneak peeks reveal about the episode?

Warning, to avoid spoilers proceed with caution!

One question that all the previous 'Shadow Play' information we had didn't answer was whether or not the entire episode would be taking place inside Spencer's head, meaning the whole episode would be in black and white.

We now know that at least a portion of the episode will take place in modern Rosewood, and in one scene it appears that the Liars catch Mona stealing papers from Ezra's classroom.

It's also apparent in these non-noir portions that Aria is having difficulty with some creative writing homework and has a very foreshadowing-filled conversation with Ezra about heroes and villains and how she finds herself drawn to the villain.

Not that the 1940s scenes serve as merely a stunt, as writer Joseph Dougherty explained on Twitter:

In addition to Ali making plenty of appearances, Ezra also has a large role to play, as does the relationship between Spencer and Toby. Congrats, Spoby fans!

You can check out the sneak peaks below and don't forget to tune into 'Pretty Little Liars' on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 8PM ET on ABC Family.