With 'Pretty Little Liars' hunk Caleb temporarily in Ravenswood dealing with mysteries of a way more supernatural nature, we were severely deprived of the Toby/Caleb bromance we've come to know and love.

Will they be reuniting their brOTP in Season 5? And just who is in some serious danger?

According to director Norman Buckley (who is directing the series 100th episode and the following episode, 5x06) the two will be together again. Albeit not running toward one another across a field in slow motion.

Norman posted a photo of the duo on his Instagram account, captioning it, "Detective Cosh interviews #Toleb. They’re in trouble. She may be small, but she’s determined. #SylvesterAndCosh #ThingsAreGonnaChangeInRosewood"

Cosh is a member of the sound crew (not an actual detective on the show or in real life) but we assume she's way more competent than the Rosewood PD.

Buckley also teased on his account that a character was in serious danger.

As he warned the blurry person in question, "#PLL life lessons: Don’t wander around in the dark."

Who shouldn't be wandering around in the dark?

Hard to tell, but it looks like a female character, maybe one of our Liars or one of Emily's many love interests? Either way, they are not safe.

'PLL' will return to the ABC Family Channel at 8PM ET on Tuesday, June 10. Hopefully with plenty of Toby and Caleb detective action!