With just a couple of weeks to go before 'The Voice' returns for a fourth season, NBC is shifting its promotional muscle for the show into high gear -- and that includes posting a five-minute preview video to whet your appetite for more of television's latest top-rated singing competition.

As 'Voice' fans are already aware, the new season comes with new judges: Shakira and Usher are stepping in to take over for Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo this round, leaving Blake Shelton and Adam Levine as the old pros on the show. "In Season 3, all the perfect elements of 'The Voice' all came together," reflected Shelton in one of the clip's many interview segments. "I'm feeling pretty confident going into this season with a couple of new coaches on board."

Both of the new coaches expressed their gratitude for the position, with Shakira calling it "a show about artists, and artistry, and real talent," and Usher admitting, "I really didn't understand how serious it was until I was in the middle of a showdown."

Levine described the experience of working with his new cohorts by saying "So far it's been great," while Shelton admitted he's playing things close to the vest. "Adam and I made a point of not trying to help," he grinned, quipping that "the last thing you want to do is hand somebody a bullet for their gun."

Of course, as Shelton reminds viewers toward the end of the clip, he has less to worry about than most. "I am the two-time champ," he pointed out. "It's not something I like to bring up more than once an hour."

'The Voice' returns for Season 4 on Monday, March 25.