The forecast for SXSW 2013 calls for rain. Purple Rain, that is. Prince is indeed confirmed to perform at SXSW this week. Don't all scream at once, SXSW-ers.

Rumors began to circulate that his Purpleness would be performing this Saturday, March 16 in Austin, as the festival comes to a close. The rumors have been converted to truth! Diffuser reports that the singer/guitarist/elusive one will indeed headline Samsung's closing night party.

It's a bit of an exclusive event, as he will play for 250 contest winners that used their NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy devices to obtain access to the show. It's a digital world that we live in, so it's no surprise that digital media and means will help the fans that really want to see this show… get the chance to see this show.

"Prince is a legend and true creative and musical genius who has been innovating and pushing the boundaries of music for over 35 years,” Samsung chief marketing officer Todd Pendleton said. "Prince's live shows are always phenomenal and I'm sure we'll be in for some fun surprises on Saturday night."

We can't wait to hear all about it from the people who experience the Purple One in all his glory.

Watch the Prince 'Rock and Roll Love Affair' Performance Video