Try to think of the most unexpected couple imaginable. Whichever two people you thought to put together in your mind's eye is probably not as surprising as the rumored relationship we're about to report on. According to Woman's Day, Prince Harry has been secretly dating Emma Watson, and the two are reportedly getting along famously.

Alright, so maybe it's not as weird a couple as, say, Stephen King and Meryl Streep (royalty in her own right, you know?) or something along those lines would be, but it's still pretty surprising. According to Women's Day, as soon as Prince Harry stumbled across the knowledge that Emma had broken up with her boyfriend, Matthew Janney, he asked a few mutual friends to set him up with the actress.

He then reportedly emailed Emma saying he would "like to get to know her," and then invited her to hang out. Maybe we're a little old fashioned, but being asked out via email, by a member of the royal family no less, sounds a little strange, no? Then again, we're sure Harry is an insanely busy man so maybe he had no time to speak on the phone. Not that we're judging or anything.

Apparently 12 friends of theirs were part of their first date in order to make Emma more comfortable, because for some reason, 12 is the minimum number of guests necessary to put her at ease while on a semi-date with royalty. But Harry clearly knows what he's doing, because the source goes on to report that he is "smitten" with Emma, and that "it's more than Emma's looks."

What do you guys think? Are they a match made in Heaven? Are you wondering what Harry's email address is? Do you think he uses smiley faces and emojis when he asks girls out? Do you wonder how many of the 12 guests were members of the royal family's security team? If only there were more details!

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