A perfume company is enjoying the sweet smell of victory in its legal case against Prince. A New York City judge has ruled in favor of Revelations Perfume & Cosmetic and has ordered the Purple One to pay $4 million to the company because he reneged on a deal he entered into in 2006 to promote a fragrance bearing his name and likeness.

The New York Daily News reports that the company sued Prince in 2008, claiming he did not properly promote the scent, dubbed '3121' in honor of one of his albums. The firm spent nearly $4 million on marketing and promotion the fragrance, which would also be housed in a purple flacon sporting Prince's name. Prince was found liable of not holding up his end of the bargain this past January and now he has been ordered to pay damages to the company.

Here's the back story: In late 2006, Prince entered into a deal with Revelation and had agreed to promote the scent in July 2007 in his Minneapolis hometown and on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' However, by February of 2007, things got a little weird, as the singer barred the company from using his name and likeness on the bottle and began to withdraw his previously pledged support.

All of this was enough for the judge to rule in Revelation's favor and now Prince has to pay up. Ouch!