Prince Royce's music video for "Back It Up" is so opulent, which is so fitting for a prince, you know? We see him hanging out by a pool surrounded by perfectly manicured shrubbery, wearing all white and also texting. For some reason he remains fully clothed throughout the video, but if we had that much product in our hair we probably wouldn't risk going swimming either. Then Jennifer Lopez appears and the luminescence of her perfect skin catches both the sunlight and Royce's eye, even through his ugly aviator sunglasses — because no one knows how to make an entrance like JLo.

Sidenote: Royce's service provider of choice is Sprint. We bet they have a great unlimited texting deal. Did you guys know Sprint is still a company that does product placement in music videos?


The rest of the video shows Royce abandoning whoever he was texting because Jenny From The Block is here. He gets close to JLo, but not too close because she's pop royalty and you can't just touch a queen like that. But our favorite part of the video might be when Pitbull comes in and delivers the same verse he’s been rapping since the beginning of his career. He singlehandedly introduced "dale" and "dique" into the everyday vernacular of non-Spanish speaking citizens worldwide (fitting, as he is Mr. Worldwide), all because he repeats those words in every song ad nauseam. That takes skill and dedication.

Check out the music video for "Back It Up" above.

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