Halloween isn't for several months, but that hasn't stopped a Boston-area public school principal from dressing up in a Lady Gaga costume last Tuesday (June 19) and milking a cow. Wait, what? What does Gaga have to do with dairy farmer duties?

Well, according to Yahoo!, Justin Vernon, the principal of Roger Clap Innovation School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, got into costume since he made a promise to and a bet of sorts with his students. Last October, Vernon challenged 170 students from kindergarten through fifth grade to read a combined total of 10,000 books by the end of the year. Before the student accepted the terms of the deal, they requested something from their principal.

"They pushed back on me, saying 'If we're going to have to read all these books to meet our goal, you've got to do something for us," Vernon said. "Somehow I got stuck with dressing up as Lady Gaga and milking a cow."

Dressing in drag and squeezing udders was a small price to pay, since his charges exceeded the goal and read 3,000 more books than required. That's a lot of books. Either they are voracious readers or they really wanted to see Vernon dressed up as the Mother Monster.

So last Tuesday, Vernon wore heels, black tights, a black dress, neckless, tiara, oversized sunglasses and makeup in attempting to look like Gaga. He then milked a cow. You know, if Gaga were to milk a cow, she'd do so in platforms and couture! She also indirectly inspired students to read tons of books.

Let's hope that people don't take this cute and extremely effective exchange between a principal and his students as anything it wasn't. We hope that he isn't criticized for dressing in drag when he got students to devour 13,000 books  in the process.

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