Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra looks absolutely stunning in her new music video for 'I Can't Make You Love Me,' an upbeat, electronic cover of the classic Bonnie Raitt song. And in case you noticed that her hunky love interest in the film looks just a little familiar, you're right: it's Milo Ventimiglia.

While the song itself is about that all-too-real heartbreaking realization that you can't make someone love you as much as you love him, Chopra's video is filled with happiness for the most part, as she remembers all of the good times that she and Ventimiglia's character had together. That being said, while Chopra's version boasts an upbeat, electronic vibe in the background, it is ultimately a passionate, yet heart-wrenching, tune. And, of course, their relationship crumbles at the end of the video, with Ventimiglia's character getting angry and storming out (reminding us of his days as Jess Mariano on 'Gilmore Girls'), leaving Chopra crying but ultimately running free.

Despite the heavy content of the music video, both Chopra and Ventimiglia look flawless, with the Bollywood star showing off her caramel-colored skin and chocolate brown locks, and the 'Heroes' actor flaunting his abs and a longer haircut.

Check out Priyanka Chopra's 'I Can't Make You Love Me' video above!