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Bollywood is going pop. Bollywood star Priyanka, who is attempting to carve out a pop music career, has partnered with Latin superstar Pitbull for her track 'Exotic.' The video will premiere on Thursday, July 11, but we have an exclusive preview from it!

Priyanka, one of the most popular and most handsomely paid actresses in India, wisely chose to enlist Pit, who does a lot of features with females, but they often translate to smash hits!

In this short and steamy teaser, we see Priyanka frolicking in the ocean, looking breathtakingly hot in a nude-hued bathing suit. She whips her soaking wet hair back and forth and gives off a smoldering stare. Watching her cool off by taking a dip in the water will certainly make the viewer work up a sweat. If this is what we're in for when the full video drops, then we suggest watching with an ice cold glass of water nearby.

It's only 15 seconds of a static scene, but we get the point that Priyanka is trying to make. She's here to make an impact with her first video.

The track was produced by RedOne -- little monsters are familiar with his name, as he has worked with Lady Gaga -- while the video was filmed in Mr. 305's hometown haunt of Miami.

Priyanka has said that she wanted the video to fit the song's theme of exoticism and that Miami was the perfect metropolitan city for that. The song -- currently on iTunes -- has quite the Indian flair and flavor, something the singer wanted to celebrate.

Liste to Priyanka, 'Exotic' Feat. Pitbull