Rapper Lil Wayne is still passionate about skateboarding -- as evident with his performance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Along with his skateboard-inspired clothing line Trukfit and DEWeezy campaign, Weezy is serious about the sport, much to the amazement of pros like Rob Dyrdek.

"I think it's pretty amazing, because a lot of rappers have gotten into skateboarding over the years, but this is like, he's so dedicated," he tells MTV News. "He goes to all the contests, flies out to street leagues ... he's friends with all the pros. He's really, really committed, which is strange, you know, but we love it."

Although Weezy is nowhere near the skill levels of his fellow pro-skaters, there's hope that one day we might see him turning tricks at the X Games. When pressed to judge Wayne's skateboarding skills, Dyrdek was a little coy.

"He's getting better," he laughed. "I mean, you couldn't possibly start skating at 26 or 27, it's going to take you some time to get good, that's just the reality, but he is learning at a pretty remarkable rate, which we all love, because he will get so excited. We all know the feeling of what it feels like to land a trick for the first time, and now we see that coming out of him, where he'll freak out! He understands that true feeling."

Watch Skateboard Pro Rob Dyrdek Talk About Lil Wayne's Skateboarding Skills