If you haven't been living under a rock, you would know that Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is taking America by storm. The Korean pop star has millions of fans mimicking the galloping dance move, but does anyone know what the heck he's rapping about?

Psy explained to MTV News that 'Gangnam Style' is a send-up about a wealthy South Korean neighborhood called Gangnam and the type of chick that catches his eye. Although the song has become a worldwide hit, Psy says he won't record an English version of the party track.

"The thing is, already like 160 something million people saw the video all over the world, so in that way if I change it now...then, like, 160 [million] people [would get] confused," explains Psy. "So for this song I think verbal is not that important, nonverbal, I think just the dance moves and how it sounds and how it looks I think that was the point of the story."

For the record, the 'Gangnam Style' video has garnered over 200 million views on YouTube, so far, and counting. The clip has also spawned several viral videos on the channel.

In the meantime, Psy, who was recently signed with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, is working on his new album. He also plans to release a follow-up single to 'Gangnam Style,' which will be in English for everyone to understand. "I got all the equipment media stuff in Korea so I have to go back [in the studio] and I got to write another song and then I have to bring it to here," he says.

Psy also says he has plenty of old dance moves to show America, so get ready for some more fancy footwork from the Korean entertainer. "I've done this 12 years and I've done these kinds of moves my entire career, so I actually have several more left," he says. "So I'm going to make some new songs with my old moves."