Everyone can breathe easy knowing that Quinn survived her car crash in 'Glee''s winter finale. She puts on a brave face, but as we learned in this week's episode 'Big Brother,' she's far from "okay."

The issue of being in a wheelchair is not new ground for 'Glee.' Artie has been in one ever since the show started. But the issue that Quinn faces as a new wheelchair-bound individual are new, and she might not be ready for them. Over the years, we've seen Quinn go through a lot of changes. It seemed like, just before the end of 'On My Way,' she was riding a crest, and everything was coming up roses. Now she is being forced to face new challenges, and she's in denial.

When Artie takes Quinn to the skate park on senior ditch day, it seems at first like she's going to have a breakthrough. But when she's forced to confront her new life, she seems to not accept that she might never walk again. Artie is trying to help her see this, but in this moment, he sees that Quinn thinks she's different from him.

With Quinn in this state, Rachel and Finn on the rocks, and Blaine's cocky brother maybe coming back, 'Glee' is veering into some dark territory. Fasten your seat belts, and we DO NOT want to see you texting!