R. Kelly is working on a new studio album and it will be a big departure from his last romantic effort 'Love Letter.' During an interview with a Chicago radio station 107.5 WGCI, the R&B mack announced that his new LP will be titled 'Black Panties.'

Yes, that's right, Kellz is producing an album dedicated to women's underwear. No, we're just kidding. Apparently, the crooner is recreating a "new '12 Play' that will be more freakier than his classic 1993 album of the same name.

“I’m on Mission 'Benjamin Button' right now, I’ma turn back time," he says. “I just did the whole 'Love Letter' joint and everybody thinking, ‘Well, that’s the direction he going now.’ No, that was a moment in time." The Pied Piper also announced that the first single from the set will be titled '10 Minutes.' No word on when the song will hit radio.

While we're excited that R. Kelly is recording a new album, we are not sure about the title 'Black Panties.' Unless Kellz is promoting some new undies for Fruit of the Loom, we hope that he reconsiders calling his LP an undergarment.

Meanwhile, the Grammy-winning singer is feeling much better after have throat surgery a couple of months ago. "I'm at like 99 percent so you know, that one percent will be here in a day," he says. "I had like a cyst as big as a golf ball on my tonsils, and the doctors, they cut it out though, they took care of me really good."

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