R. Kelly begs his baby to come back in the music video for his new song 'Radio Message,' a track from his 'Love Letter' album.

The video opens a beautiful aerial shot of Kelly's hometown of Chicago while the voice of a disc jockey solicits callers for a radio contest. The DJ says, "You're caller number 12, which means you're the lucky winner. You're on the air!"

It turns out that our man Kelly is the chosen one. We hear Kelly's voice singing a cappella, "This is a radio message to my baby!" The full song begins, and we see a group of girls, one of whom is Kelly's baby, shocked to hear his personal appeal on the radio.

Isn't it great when musicians send out personal messages to special people in their lives via the radio? If only we all had that opportunity!

The song continues with Kelly apologizing for making her cry and saying he's lost without her. He sings his heart out trying to win her back, and she walks all over town debating whether to take up his offer.

The video doesn't end with her running into his arms -- that would be way too corny -- but it does present a subtle indication that his crooning worked. The final clip is a wide shot of Kelly singing in his living room, followed by a close-up of her high heel taking a step onto his carpet. Kelly's wooing was successful!

'Radio Message' is one of the tracks on Kelly's old-school R&B album 'Love Letter,' which was released in December and reached No. 6 on the Billboard Album charts.

Watch R. Kelly's 'Radio Message' Video