Our first introduction to Rachel Crow is impossible to forget. The grinning, effervescent contestant won over hearts as soon as she stepped out on the 'X Factor' stage last year and explained why she deserved to win: "I'm a girl -- I need my own bathroom!" Her honesty, paired with booming vocals and hip-throwing attitude, got her to the Top 5 on the show. She represented 'swagger cuteness,' if there's even such a term.

Now at 14, Crow sits before us, donning longer curls and a surprisingly posh and mature attitude. Her recently released self-titled EP features a standout ballad about bullying -- an issue the young singer can relate to. "I didn't want to reach [out] to just the bullied, but the bullies, because I wanted them to stop what they are doing… and I wanted it to be something people will listen to," Crow explains to PopCrush about her lead single. 'Mean Girls' is her first co-write and has a lyrical conviction and delivery that we haven't seen in a hit pop song since Pink's 'F---in Perfect.' At such a young age she can channel vulnerability and confidence simultaneously -- with a grounded attitude that can be attributed to her unstable upbringing in the early years of her life.

There's a sense of realism in her, too; she knew that if she wanted to get her message across in 'Mean Girls' or any other track, she was going to have to prove that there's more to her than just a teenager with Beyonce-like vocals: "People aren't like 'Oh I want to listen this 14-year-old little girl sing.' They're not going to say that," she humbly admits. "But they're wanting to listen to this new song everyone's talking about." Her lyric video -- helmed by an artist named Stash and Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena -- models that attitude. "We kind of did a little lyric video, and I was revealed at the end. And it was kind of like 'Ha-ha!' I had the chalk the whole time, it was me singing. That's [the effect] we were looking for." She adds, "I drew the tree and the sun, and the little stick figure."

'Rachel Crow,' her EP -- which she hopes will lead to a full-length album later this year -- isn't the only project underway since America discovered her. She's put her bubbly personality to good use, making several appearances on Nickelodeon's 'Fred: The Show' as well as a scheduled stint as Winnie on the hit show 'Big Time Rush.' which debuts tonight (July 2). "She's a crazed fan - CRAZED. Like, she's nuts," Rachel describes Winnie. "She has this little wave she does to them, and a heart sign. It's amazing!" She even discusses her season finale appearance on 'Fred' as another crazed fan. "I can tell you I have some silver lipstick, and a sliver headband," she reveals. Somehow, we can picture this.

Our favorite thing about her? Her undying love for Eminem. "You remember Drew from the ['X Factor'] show, and how much she loved Justin Bieber? I love Eminem like that -- times like 10. But I never showed it because I didn't want to be weird, I didn't want him to be afraid of me." Eminem afraid of Crow? Never.

"'Lose Yourself' kind of was the song that got me to audition for him for 'X Factor,'" she states when we ask what tracks of his speak to her. "Because it sort came on when the 'X Factor' ad was on. It got me through the entire 'X Factor' process, I listened to it the whole time and love that song." She adds, "He [also] does that song with Lil Wayne, I think it's called 'No Love,' and I love song because it's talking about him coming back and being strong … I love that because being strong and independent is kind of my thing."

Check out her entire interview below, where she also talks about who she has kept in touch with from 'X Factor' show as her upcoming tour with BTR and Cody Simpson.

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