Rachel Crow barely gets any face time in her music video for 'Mean Girls,' because she lets the chalkboard do her talking. The new clip for the 14-year-old 'X Factor' alum was shot in stop motion with chalk drawings that tell the story of the song.

Director Carlos Pena posted the video online with the introduction, "She is an INCREDIBLE singer and such good friend! We did this in my house, on my chalkboard. The entire video is "stop motion" which took FOREVER!! But we had so much fun making it. Enjoy!!!"

A chalk version of Rachel shows up to sing part of the track, a serious song about learning to ignore bullying. She also illustrates other key items in the song, like the school building and the girls wearing pink who tease the other kids who aren't in their clique.

Sounding more than a little like Beyonce, Crow sings, "Mean girls, mean girls / I'ma just comb you outta my curls / 
Mean girls, mean girls / You no longer run my world." As the video finishes, we finally catch a glimpse of Crow's smiling face.

Crow's self-titled debut, which features 'Mean Girls' and four other tracks, will be released on June 26. She joins Big Time Rush for a summer tour starting in July.

Watch the Rachel Crow 'Mean Girls' Video