Rachel Crow is cute, talented and gutsy. She's a mini superstar. She's also an 'X Factor' fan favorite.

But we've arrived at the live shows, and it's no longer about Crow's room-filling personality. It has to be about how well she can sing. With her corkscrew curls piled high on top of her head, she was dressed like a cutie pie in a plaid blazer and jeans as she rocked a soulful mashup of the Supremes' 'Where Did Our Love Go' and Justin Bieber's 'Baby.' It was a lot of "baby" for the baby of the competition, since Crow is only 14 and one of the youngest contestants.

Crow is Little Miss Sunshine, and both Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul felt Simon Cowell chose a collision of songs that did not show off Crow's jaw-dropping range or play to her strengths. It's worth mentioning that the judges were at each other's throats all night long, and for a minute, Crow got sucked into their bickering.

Cowell defended the song choices and said he wanted to show the world and viewers that lil' Rachel Crow is retro and that she is pop, which is what Amy Winehouse was and Adele is!

Score one for Simon Cowell.

Watch Rachel Crow Sing 'Where Did Our Love Go'/'Baby' on 'X Factor'