The sixth group that was given the chance to sing its heart out on tonight's episode of 'X Factor' was tasked with belting out Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing.' Uh, could they have chosen a harder song for this batch of hopefuls or what? Nevertheless, it was do or die time.

It was the adorable teen Rachel Crow, the first contestant we met during the audition round who stood out because of that smoky voice and confident attitude, who wowed us. Crow was by far the best vocalist in her grouping.

Crow sure has something – the 'X Factor' that this entire show is erected upon maybe? -- and she demonstrated it when singing 'I Have Nothing.' Expect to see more of Rach!

Other contestants in her group included 4Shore, De'Quan Allan, Joshua Maddox, Hayley Orrantia and Ellona Santiago. None of them were as vivacious or as memorable as our girl Rachel. She's a superstar in training and she managed to effectively merge cute with diva, thanks to this particular song. It was thisclose to genius.

It was enough to make us ask: Is one of her relatives on the production team, giving her an edge by putting her in this group, with this song? We're sure 'X Factor' is fair, but Crow lucked out and made us fall in love.

Watch the Group Perform Whitney Houston 'I Have Nothing' on 'X Factor'