'Twilight' is a universal connector! With singer Bruno Mars contributing 'It Will Rain' to the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' soundtrack and Ashley Greene reprising her role as pasty-faced, ruby-lipped vampire Alice Cullen, a love connection could be on the horizon. And it's not just the romance between Bella and Edward Cullen.

Mars called into Elvis Duran's radio show from London, during which Duran tried to be the architect of a love match. Duran revealed that while interviewing Ashley Greene at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September, the lovely actress told Duran she wanted Mars to be her date to the upcoming premiere. Swoon!

When asked if Mars heard that Greene was sniffing around, he said, "No, I haven't! Are you starting things?" Mars asked Duran to "play it" in reference to the audio clip of Greene, since a hot Hollywood actress (and Joe Jonas' ex!) was sorta asking him out. He said, "I ain’t got a date yet so … You tell Miss Greene that."

Clearly Miss Greene has a thing for male pop stars.

Even if Mars doesn't squire Greene to the premiere, he's still in touch with his, uh self! When Duran's co-host inquired as to whether or not the singer gets sick of interacting with the same people while on tour night in and night out, and flat out asked if "Do you ever just want to go to your room and spank it?," Mars didn't deny, laughing, "Oh yes, definitely. I want to go to my room and spank it."

PG rating! PG rating!

Mars also said that he is influenced by Amy Winehouse, and that whenever he gets asked about his influences, he always rattles off the obvious ones (like Michael Jackson) and forgets to reference her!

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