RadioDriveBy deal with a girl who's always running her mouth causing drama in the Arizona-based band's new video for 'One You Want,' which premieres exclusively here on PopCrush.

The clip opens with slow motion black-and-white shots of the sharp-dressed group heading into what appears to be a posh hotel. Red-tinted footage of the guys performing in a studio is mixed into the video, with vocalist Trent Clark singing, "You're always up for the game / Well, I don't wanna play / You're always calling me up / Got somethin' to say."

Clark is joined on the performance by his bandmates, guitarists Adam Simons and David Glosser, bassist Evan Yuen, and drummer Austin Gavin. As the catchy pop tune continues, we finally get our first look at the girl when she encounters Clark in a pool hall. Ultimately, he and the rest of the guys are left alone as she departs and the video fades out.

"The music video for 'One You Want' was probably the most fun we've had shooting a video before," Simons tells PopCrush. "Working with Cory Davis was great, and we really took it upon ourselves to make this a DIY project. There weren't any camera crews or big budgets with this video, just friends and some creative thinking."

RadioDriveBy got together in 2009 and covered Blink-182's 'I Miss You' during their first performance. Their songs range from alt-rock to pop-punk. Simons says, "I don’t think we really sound like any other band, but I like that people can definitely hear our influences in our music." The group has not released a full-length album yet, but they have issued a few EPs, plus the 'MMXIII' sampler currently available on their website.

In addition to their own songs, RadioDriveBy have issued covers of tracks like Justin Bieber's 'Beauty and a Beat' and fun.'s 'We Are Young.' For more on the band, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.