No, Boosie Badazz did not Photoshop his son into a sweet family photo -- and here's proof.

The Louisana rapper was heavily criticized on Instagram after he posted a photo of himself and his son lying together on a couch on Christmas day. While the pic is totally sweet -- Boosie is looking down lovingly on his son, who is lying in his dad's lap -- many fans thought it looked digitally altered, like his son had been added to the photo later.

But thanks to a home video of the two obtained by TMZ, there's proof that Boosie's son was in fact, lying in his arms, and no, he was not Photoshopped into the photo. The vid show's the little boy lying in his dad's arms, just like in the picture -- looking as adorable as anything. Aw.

Check out the picture in question above, and watch the video proof below.