From Biggie Smalls to Tupac Shakur, the entertainment world has lost too many rappers before their time. And eerily enough, a startling number of them have correctly predicted their own deaths.

Our friends at the Boombox have compiled a chilling list of rappers who foreshadowed their own tragic ends -- whether it was through song lyrics or what would become a devastatingly accurate music video. For fans, it is a sad and scary look at how some legacies manage to live on after the death of an artist, particularly one whose own eerie premonition ended up coming true. It is difficult to think of the careers -- and more importantly, the lives -- of these rappers that were cut all too short.

From Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur to Big L and D12's Proof, click the blue button below to see the first rapper who tragically predicted his own demise.