16-year-old Raquel Castro is so adorably pint-sized that she could pass for 12! But once she opened her mouth on 'The Voice' and belted out 'Bleeding Love,' the song which made British diva Leona Lewis a star on another reality singing competition (that'd be 'The X Factor,') she sounded like a girl who was born to sing and sing forever.

In her pre-performance interview, Castro said that she knew she wanted to be a part of the show when she found out that Christina Aguilera was going to serve as a coach. Well, her dream came true tonight, as Xtina tapped her button for the teen and selected her for her team with little hesitation.

"From my own experience, great things come in small packages," Aguilera, who must be all of five feet tall herself, joked. The pop star gushed, "You are so sweet and so adorable and you're freakin' cute and I am lucky to have you. I love your hair. I love your look."

Of course, the charming Aguilera got up and hugged her new charge, demonstrating her warmth. That Super Bowl National Anthem flub? That embarrassing arrest for public drunkenness with her post-divorce boyfriend? Those are faded, distant memories. Christina Aguilera is winning us over -- again -- with her motherly nature on 'The Voice,' much like Jennifer Lopez does on 'American Idol.'

And Castro just got a new surrogate mom to coach her through her career. We couldn't orchestrate a better pairing if we tried.

Watch Raquel Castro Sing Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love' on 'The Voice'