You gotta love the Internet. Unreleased footage of Notorious B.I.G. on the set of 'Warning' appeared online and it's an interesting video to watch. In the clip, a show called Video Source talks with the late rapper about his just-released album 'Ready to Die,' his family and his rap career.

The video offers a fascinating look at B.I.G. on the cusp of being crowned the King of New York. Here are some things we learned from the video:

1. B.I.G.'s favorite song on 'Ready to Die' was 'Everyday Struggle.'

2. He wasn't tripping off the fame and notoriety.
"As long as my peoples is having a good time, my moms is all right, my daughter all right, it's all good," he said. "That fame, I'll leave that alone.  That's when the egos start and people start hating you and they really want to stick you for your paper, for real."

3. He loved his first-born daughter T'yanna.
During the interview, the doting dad pulls out a picture of her and shows it to the cameraman. They didn't call him Big Poppa for nothing.

4. Don't call him Biggie Smalls, ever.
Apparently the "real Biggie Smalls" sent B.I.G. a cease-and-desist letter so he squashed the name. "So please don't ever call me that again or else I'm coming over your house to eat when I'm dead-a-- broke," he warns.

5. Puff Daddy stresses him out.
Well, that's self-explanatory. Ha! We're just kidding, Diddy!

6. B.I.G. throws old-school rapper Kwame under the bus for good measure.
F--- them polka dots. Ha!

The rest of the video shows some behind-the-scenes footage of B.I.G. acting in his nihilistic video for 'Warning,' which was directed by the legendary videographer Hype Williams.

R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. We will always love you.

Watch the Unreleased Biggie Interview at the Set of 'Warning' Music Video