Former Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones has teamed up with her nephew Sunny Levine on his new '90s inspired music video for "Flip and Rewind," a track lifted from his upcoming album Volume 1 as Boss Selection. Jones not only stars in the video, but also lends her vocals to the track and boasts co-directing credit with writing partner Will McCormack.

The video opens with Jones having a quick FaceTime session with producer Jermaine Dupri, in which she expresses her sadness that it's "not the '90s anymore." "All I want to do is go back," she says.

Within the first minute alone, we see Jones in four different outfits: a modest schoolgirl ensemble complete with scrunched hair holding a teddy bear; a baggy orange t-shirt and big hoop earrings; an oversized orange jacket, sunglasses, and neon scrunchies; and finally a yellow jacket, white long-sleeve shirt, and blue jeans as she joins forces with her former dance crew for some on-point throwback choreography.

Jones is jogged out of her nostalgic '90s reverie at the end — you'll have to watch the video above to find out how.

Rashida Jones also interviewed Levine to discuss his creative process and all things '90s — read the interview over at Rolling Stone.

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