If you took one look at Raven-Symone's Instagram this week, you'll notice that the actress is experimenting with a platinum blond hairpiece and is working. it. out.

The former Disney Channel actress, who is currently making the rounds on shows like Empire, Black-ish and K.C. Undercover, decided to make good with the hue of the week and rock a flowing, bleached hairpiece in numerous different styles. So, of course, we're celebrating them all.

Raven -- who also co-hosted the View on March 4 and 5 -- first showed off her new 'do on March 3, rocking the piece in a sleek, slicked-back look that also flaunted her shaved sides. Check it out in the photo above.

The next day, she wore it down with a snapback hat and addressed the haters, writing, "People thinkin all kinds of things with me and my blond hair... Quoting @blaizewittai, 'Girls dye their hair blond every day B.' Blond streaks, blond tips, lighter for summer, sun kissed. Yo it's crazy to me some of the comments. Wow! Positivity spreads positivity, negativity spreads negativity."

After brushing off the nay-sayers (and co-hosting the View!), Raven pulled her blond piece into a stunningly wavy pompadour -- a look which obviously had Stacy London's approval.

Raven then got a little silly in the dressing room, going hardcore Troll doll on us:

…Before once again rocking that epic curly pompadour. LOVE.

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