Previously on 'Ravenswood', four of our five cursed teens survived the car crash on the bridge, and while foster kid Miranda was pronounced dead on the scene, we found out that her spirit was still very much in the town. Miranda asked Caleb for permission to stay with him as she sorted out the afterlife. Caleb agreed, mostly because, hey, what other friends does he have in this town yet, right?

Sadly, Miranda's ghost-status means that she has to endure some of the more painful mourning rituals, such as her own burial. Half the town – including ghost Miranda – attend Miranda's funeral. While no one seems to have anything to say about the new-in-town Miranda, not surprisingly, considering most of them were complete strangers, Caleb says a few touching words about his recently deceased friend. Little does anyone know that Miranda is far from gone. “Do you really think I'm beautiful?”, Miranda teases as Caleb wipes his tears. (How is it possible that Caleb has even more chemistry with a dead Miranda than a living one?)

Remy is convinced that Miranda's death is a part of the pattern of deaths in Ravenswood – and that the five teens were all supposed to have died in the crash. According to a historical pattern, when the sole surviving soldier of a squad returns to Ravenswood, five teens will die less than a week later. With Remy's soldier mother having returned from combat just days prior to the accident, Remy is concerned that all the teens could be in danger.

Meanwhile, the police are still on the hunt for Olivia and Luke's father's killer. A police officer comes up to the twins at the funeral and asks them whether they know anyone by the name of Abby – apparently, their father had been trying to contact her before he was murdered. When the twins confront their mother about Abby, she reveals that Abby was her father's high school sweetheart, and that Abby had been trying to warn their father about Ravenswood. When Luke asks if Abby and his father could have been having an affair, their mother drops the ultimate bomb: Abby has been dead for twenty years.

While Olivia and Luke are processing the idea that their father may be connected to curse, Miranda is learning how to navigate around Ravenswood as a ghost. After looking at a picture of her mother, Miranda is transported into a sort of “limbo” - a strange hallway of her uncle's mansion - and she's not the only ghost who is there.

In order to hunt for clues about Abby and her connection to her father's death, Olivia looks through her father's high school yearbook. It turns out that Abby wasn't the only teen who died while her father was in high school – four other teens' photos are also on the memorial page. (Naturally, this does not bode very well for Olivia and her friends.)

Caleb calls a meeting with the three other cursed teens and drops the major bombshell: Miranda is a ghost, and she's in trouble. So the teens decide to do what every teen has done when attempting to contact a spirit: have an impromptu séance. But Miranda isn't so convinced that a séance is a good idea – the spirits she felt in limbo did not exactly scream Casper the Friendly Ghost.

After crafting a make-shift Ouija board (basically a bunch of refrigerator magnets arranged into words like YES and NO) Olivia asks to speak with Abby. But instead of providing answers, a malevolent force drags Miranda back into the limbo-hallway that she had vanished to earlier. This time, Miranda finds a ringing phone. When she answers it, a voice on the phone tells her to “go away”. It's all very scary.

Back at the Ouijia board, the ghosts are anything but friendly. It's not long before the chandelier above the teens heads begins to shake and shatter, as if a force is trying to block Olivia from talking to Abby. Olivia asks Abby if her Dad discovered the curse that is plaguing Ravenswood. As the ghost answers YES, the room begins to shake. Olivia finally asks whether the person who killed her father is out to get the teens. As the chandelier crashes onto the table, the ghost answers YES – before spelling out two words: FIVE and PACT.

As the commotion dies down, the teens stare at one another in horror at what has been unleashed. But it's not just the four teens standing in the room anymore – Miranda is suddenly with them, too. Is Miranda still dead, or has her contact with the other ghosts somehow allowed her to cross back over? We'll find out next week.