Tyler Blackburn promised that 'Ravenswood' was going to be "surprisingly eerie," and it has yet to disappoint.

The series' second episode picks up where the powerful pilot left off, with Miranda being brought into the hospital on a gurney, following the harrowing car accident which left five of the main characters trapped as the car sank to the bottom of the river. While she is being treated, Caleb, Remy, Luke, and Olivia are trying to process the accident, wondering what Miranda saw to make her take the wheel from Remy and drive them off the road and into the water. Their focus soon shifts, however, as the show drops its first big bombshell: Miranda is dead.

As the teens' parents arrive at the hospital (Remy's father reiterates that he doesn't want his daughter and Luke seeing each other, and Luke and Olivia's mom doesn't want them talking to police), Caleb visits the morgue, where he begins looking through Miranda's belongings. Almost immediately, drawers start banging, the radio turns on, coins spill out and a nickel stands on end -- until Miranda's uncle enters the room, which is when the nickel promptly falls to the ground.

With prodding from his assistant Mrs. Grunwald, Miranda's uncle, a funeral director who is taking Miranda's body home, invites Caleb to stay with them for the evening, telling him that Miranda's foster family doesn't care about her whereabouts. As they are driving home, Caleb sees Miranda in the front seat, and she questions him about the belongings in her purse. When Caleb, stunned, asks her what has happened, she gestures to the road, telling him: "This happened," as Caleb sees the same long-haired, ghostly woman who caused their accident. Instantly, Caleb wakes up, only to find out that -- of course -- he had been dreaming.

When they arrive home, Miranda's uncle begins to work on her dead body while objects begin shaking upstairs, much like what had happened in the morgue. As the uncle goes to cut Miranda's corpse, a book falls off the table upstairs, and a giant mirror shatters on top of Caleb.

Meanwhile, Remy is researching prior accidents, which she thinks may be linked not only to their accident, but to war veterans -- sole survivors of their units -- returning to Ravenswood. In her research, she finds that in all of the cases, the number of teens that died has always been five. She is interrupted by Luke, and the two share a sweet moment together, relieved that they survived the accident and are desperate to be together, despite their parents' wishes.

The next day, Caleb calls his girlfriend, Hanna Marin, but lies and says that Miranda is at her uncle's house, not disclosing her death. (Could this be the first possible crack in Haleb's relationship?) Caleb then finds Remy at her school, asking her to help him go to the junkyard and find the rest of Miranda's belongings.

At school, Luke confronts Springer, a bully who he believes is responsible for splashing Olivia with red paint at the Homecoming parade in the pilot episode. Luke's suspicion only grows when, while lifting weights at the gym, the lights suddenly go out and he cannot get the barbell off of his chest. When the lights are turned on, Springer is seen in the doorway. Like her brother, Olivia also begins her own questioning when she finds out that her "friend," Tess, is secretly dating Springer -- and not-so-secretly wants to steal the title of Homecoming Queen.

While at the junkyard, Remy, thinking of her research, tells Caleb that maybe all five of them were supposed to die, but the universe somehow screwed up. As Caleb is retrieving Miranda's purse, Remy gets stuck in her car, also in the junkyard, and is almost attacked by a dog until Luke appears and saves her; he becomes angry at Caleb for almost causing her death -- twice. Later that night, Remy sleepwalks out into the street, and narrowly escapes death yet again, as she is almost hit by a car.

At home, Olivia confronts her mother about her parents' marriage, a topic that Luke had brought up with her earlier that day, believing that their mother had cheated on their father. Olivia asks if they had been getting a divorce before her father's untimely death, which her mom denied. But when Olivia asks if there was someone else, her mom evades the question, leaving the twins to draw their own conclusions from her silence.

Back at Miranda's uncle's house, Mrs. Grunwald tells her boss that Caleb has questions -- and so does she. Before slipping out of the room, she quietly asks Miranda's uncle just how many bodies he expected to find once he arrived at the hospital -- an obvious indication to the previous teen deaths, which had all been in groups of five.

As he is settling in upstairs, Caleb begins reading a letter from Miranda's mother outloud, when Miranda walks in the room. She tells Caleb she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but she was able to follow his voice into the room. When Caleb tells her about the dream he had, Miranda wonders if there are no dreams, only people like her trying to get back. But as for the haunting, ghostly woman they both saw -- Miranda insists that she is real, and she has been waiting a long time for them.

While "Death and the Maiden" definitely brought the spook factor, it didn't provide the same kind of punch that the pilot had. And killing off a main character in the second episode -- only to have her come back immediately -- brings a kind of supernatural element that may just be too far from the realm of reality. Only time will tell.