It's been almost two months since we last left 'Ravenswood,' and the winter premiere starts out with an inciting opening: a makeout sesh -- or maybe a little bit more -- between Original Caleb and Original Miranda. (Sorry Haleb fans -- talk about adding salt to the wound after the Caleb/Hanna breakup in the 'Pretty Little Liars' winter premiere!) However, rest assured -- these were merely Caleb and Hanna's ancestors, not the teens themselves. (Yet, anyway.)

After they're done hooking up, Original Caleb and Original Miranda overhear a meeting going on, which, of course, turns out to be the discussion of the original pact. While all of the men agree, one woman, Esther, believes it is dangerous and runs away after the men's reasoning overpowers her rationality. It is then that we are suddenly transported back into the present day and realize that Caleb was reading aloud Esther's diary to Miranda, Remy, Luke and Olivia. The diary promptly bursts into flames the second he mentions the name of the preacher, who was the sinister leader of the pact. Amidst the diary, Remy also finds a large, cameo locket that she decides to keep.

After the crazy happenings with the diary, Luke and Olivia go home only to discover that creepy Mr. Collins is at their house, gently placing an orchid on their table. Demanding a reason as to why he broke into their house, Collins explains that their mom told him where the spare key was. Before he leaves, he makes sure to tell the twins that their father was a good guy. Hmmm. Clearly, Collins and Mrs. Matheson have some kind of creepy, mysterious history with each other.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Miranda share a moment: Caleb tells Miranda that he broke up with Hanna because of her. He wanted to keep her safe and not involved in his life in Ravenswood, but Miranda gets upset because Hanna doesn't know she's dead, which makes her look like the "bad guy" (er, girl) who just steals Caleb away from his girlfriend.

Remy, on the other hand, is still dealing with her sleeping issues -- not only is she a sleepwalker, but she also has been dealing with terrible nightmares. (Does anyone in this town ever have a normal life? Guess not!) She is at the coffee shop when a woman starts humming a tune, and Remy questions her about it. After she asks her, Remy looks down in her coffee cup and spoons up an eyeball -- only to look up and find the woman with a bloody, missing eye. Creepy as hell. Of course, it was only just a nightmare, and Remy immediately wakes up screaming, alarming everyone around her. Later, Remy goes home and talks about her nightmares with her mom, who talks to her about "lucid dreaming," where the person having the dream decides what happens in the dream. Interesting.

Olivia goes over to Miranda's house, and the two have an awkward conversation about sex and love. We find out that Miranda died a virgin (but clearly has the hots for Caleb), and Olivia is still a virgin, but is totally in love with her boyfriend Dylan, who we found out in the last episode is actually evil. So that's cool.

While the girls are chit-chatting, the other twin works on Caleb, asking him all about that weird moment he had with Miranda when he was unconscious in the last episode, clearly trying to promote the Miranda/Caleb storyline even harder.

The eerie Mrs. Grunwald soon makes her first appearance in the episode, cleaning the morgue in the Collins home when a bottle of red, chemical dye spills out and forms the word 'JARS.' Immediately afterwards, Mrs. Grunwald sees the word 'WHERE?' being written on a mirror. Obviously the work of Miranda, who immediately appears in the room -- only to wrestle with a mysterious orange presence that seems to be attacking her, seemingly at Mrs. Grunwald's control.

Later, Olivia confronts Mrs. Grunwald about Miranda and the missing jars, but Mrs. Grunwald chastises her and leaves her with a creepy threat, telling Olivia that she is looking for answers, when she doesn't even know the questions. Ooh, burn.

That night, Remy falls asleep with her mom there for comfort, and to remind her that "it's just a dream." Remy falls asleep with the old locket on, and in her dream, finds herself in the same place where Original Caleb and Miranda were. Terrifying scarecrows seem to pop out out of nowhere and try to attack her. We then see Remy out of the dream and in her own bed, as a dark shadow is cast over the both her and her mom, who is still right beside her.

Remy then becomes convinced that must go wherever she has to while sleepwalking, and gives her friends strict instructions not to wake her up until she's ready. Caleb, Miranda, Luke and Olivia all agree to watch her sleep, but Olivia immediately gets a call from Dylan, who insists on hanging out with her and tells her he is on his way to pick her up. (Nooo!) As soon as Dylan gets off the phone, we realize that he is not alone in the car -- of course, the creepy little ghost girl Max is right there, forcing him to make plans with Liv. "Otherwise," she tells him, "it's the grinder for both of us." (Is someone out for them, too?)

After Olivia leaves, Remy jolts out of bed and sleepwalks as Luke and Caleb follow her. While the two of them can only see what is in the present, in Remy's mind, she is in the past -- and is at the site of the original pact. In fact, in her dreamlike state, she can see the men chanting and signing the pact, as clear as day. As Caleb's ancestor, Thomas Rivers, goes to sign, Caleb and Luke are immediately attacked by another evil-looking scarecrow, but fight back and manage to ward it off.

Liv, meanwhile, is busy sucking face with Dylan, and makes it pretty obvious that she wants tonight to be the night. Oh, snap.

As her friends are keeping busy fighting off creepers and potentially losing their virginity, Miranda once again haunts Mrs. Grunwald, who is aware of Miranda's presence and even has a conversation with her. When Miranda says she'll do anything to protect her friends, Mrs. Grunwald tells her it's the only way. The orange presence then appears again and hurts Miranda, but Mrs. Grunwald yells at it and tells it to stop, and it lets Miranda go.

In Remy's peek into the past, she sees the preacher handing the pact into a buggy with the name 'Collins' written on it. After handing over the document, the preacher stretches out his arms and a great, black raven bursts out of him and into the night.

In the conclusion of the episode, Mrs. Grunwald lights candles as the orange mist appears. Speaking to it, she says, "I know. I love you, too." Simultaneously, Dylan and Olivia are driving in Dylan's car, as Max sits in the backseat, licking an ice cream cone as a knowing smile crosses over her face.

With so many questions unanswered (Will Caleb and Miranda ever get together?) and even more questions being formed (What's up with Dylan's relationship with this little ghost girl?) , it's easy to see how 'Ravenswood' can turn into another never-ending rabbit hole of mysteries like its predecessor, 'Pretty Little Liars.' But that's what makes these shows so intriguing -- they just keep you coming back for more!